IQ School of music

MintoSoft helps IQ School of Music design and launch their interactive music education service.

The Backstory

Learning music takes years of time and practice. During this learning period a lot of problems arise- it can become stale & boring and sometimes people don’t even get time to pick up their instrument.

Our client, Madhu Chaudhary, came to us with an idea for an app that will change the way you learn music. She’s been working in this industry from past 15 years. She exactly knew what problems a new learner faces. A lot of apps are already there teaching music by providing online lessons but this was a whole new gamified experience. She approached us to develop the solution according to her requirement and it was definitely our kind of project.




Game Development, SaaS development, Business Analysis, Project Management


Php, Unity, and C# .NET

About The Product

The app is about helping music schools teach music through enjoyable games.


For Students:

For students it is a new way of learning music without the hassle of always having their instrument with them. Just by playing games they learn staff notation, rhythm and ear training. They can challenge other people in the game. They get rewards and can see their skill rank in their home town. They will not need to do boring repetitions on their instruments. The app enables them to practice anywhere without the need for a teacher and makes the whole experience enjoyable.


For Schools:

It gives them an opportunity to keep their clients for long. They get demographics data of their clients so that they can understand their customers better and improve their marketing efforts.


Here are the most remarkable features of the App

Develops the most required skills

In music, the understanding of rhythm, pitch and staff notation are the essentials, which takes years to master. This app teaches all three of these.


Education gamified

App makes the whole learning process into interesting games that has missions and beautiful levels to clear. They get rewards and gain powers on finishing levels. It no longer remains a study session but an interactive playing experience.

Multiplayer experience

Players can challenge other players online. It gives massive rewards and a feeling of competition among players.


Tailored Rankings

Player gets to know where their music skill stands against others in the city. He/she realize that only 10 people or 5 people are there in the city who are more skilled than him/her and the feeling that you’re almost about to reach the target gives them extra dose of adrenaline to complete the task.

Client Demographics (for Schools)

The schools’ dashboard gives them an opportunity to take a look at their clients’ personas. The detailed report help music schools and independent teachers understand their clients well.


Marketing tool (For schools)

The software works as a marketing tool in two ways. One, it provides an option to create an automated website for the school just by providing the details. On the other hand it gives students an option to publish their scores on social media which gets published in the name of the school.


  • Creating the AI to generate the challenges in a way that makes sense musically
  • To create this unique app the team has to study the working basics of music
  • Working with Android File System to make it work offline
  • Implementing online multiplayer system using Php. This also required us to dig deep into the capabilities of mariaDB because we needed to find a random player from the database which closely matched with player’s several capabilities.


Web App

Here's a list of our Web App development solutions:


We used the all-time hit language on web Php. It offers a simple syntax and quick to implement solutions for our needs.


The design mockups were done in Adobe XD. Which gave us the ability to quickly make mockups and modify them as per the needs of the client. The web design framework used was Bootstrap.


We used the open source MariaDB for the project. Which is a relational database management system.

Backend framework

For the backend framework we used CodeIgniter 3.0. Which is a MVC based php framework. The whole task was to develop the APIs for the App and develop the SaaS architecture for the schools.

Mobile App

Here's a list of our Mobile App development solutions:


We used C# .NET for the development of the app due to the reason it gave us the tools required to make games faster and reliably.


Unity was used to develop the games. It is a huge framework in itself and has been used to develop various world famous games like Pokemon Go. Unity gave us the ability to create these games and deploy them on both Android and iOS.


Graphics for the games were designed using Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator. It really helped creating stunning visuals for the games.


Music was created using GuitarPro and AbeltonLive. Both top the industry standard for creating music.

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